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Five steps to a well-nourished lawn.

Why five? The human body prefers smaller meals but fed frequently. The same is true for lawns. Grass plants can only absorb a limited amount of nutrients before the food is wasted. Feed the lawn at "lower rates", but feed it more frequently with Natural Alternative natural & organic-based lawn care products.

The five steps included in this full year program are:

• Early Spring Fertilizer
• Late Spring Fertilizer
• Summer Fertilizer
• Fall Fertilizer
• Winter Fertilizer

Some states regulate how much fertilizer and how often it can be applied. We have removed the guesswork and confusing calculations for you. Each application and full program meet all states’ nutrient management requirements.

Save with a full year program in one easy and convenient purchase. The program contains (5) applications. Each application covers 6,000 square feet of lawn. Conveniently packaged for easy storage and no broken bags.

Please allow two weeks for delivery. Only available for shipment to the continental United States.

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