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This beauty is a reproduction of the same tool that came into existence 1,200 years ago. Japan and Holland thought up this design independent of one another during the same time period!

Made with a thin, flexible blade, this is the perfect implement for fine weeding up close to your plants. A scraper and slicer, it’s made to get baby weeds as they come up (before they get stringy or woody).

All Homestead Iron tools are sharp! They use 1075 high-carbon steel for their blades and treat each as a high-quality knife.

Each tool comes with a lifetime guarantee and is made in the USA. Give it proper care and maintenance, and should it bend or break, Homestead Iron will repair or replace it. Truly a quality tool that will be in your family for generations.

Tool Length: 14.75''

Format: Other/miscellaneous products

Weight: 2.0

Item Number: 8601

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