Keeping your family healthy all year long is one of the toughest jobs, and it's made all the more difficult by the effects of ingredients and chemicals in over-the-counter medicine and household cleaners. Mother Earth News Guide to Family Health offers helpful articles that will help you take control of your family's health. Covering everything from homemade remedies to first-aid kit essentials, this 100-page guide contains natural wellness tips, information on which food additives to avoid, and much more.

Read how to keep seasonal illness and chronic disease at bay by using natural methods to boost your immune system. Learn how to grow a healing garden and enjoy the benefits of herbs growing right outside your front door. Discover new beauty products - whether store bought or homemade - that are healthier and safer for you. Make your home a healthy home by following simple recipes for household cleaners (and avoid using harsh chemicals).

Articles in the guide include:

  • Simple Soaps: Making your own soap is simple with the right tools. Create your own soap bars at home - all without lye.
  • 3 Most Dangerous Toxins in Your Home: With thousands of chemicals in home products, eliminating them all is no small task. Reduce these most-toxic chemicals.
  • Safe Spaces for Your Baby: Create a safe space for your baby, using these tips for designing a nontoxic nursery.
  • Why It's Still Smart to Buy Organic: Despite recent highly publicized headlines that claim the contrary, eating organic really is better for our health.
  • Stress Less: Improved habits and herbal remedies can reduce your stress load.
  • Naturally Pain-Free: Over-the-counter pain relievers can cause medical problems. Forgo pharmaceuticals in favor of natural options.

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